A new company, Phonedeal.co.uk, a retailer of low priced iPhones, launched in April 2017 in response to increasing demand for iPhones and latest gadgets.
Phonedeal.co.uk will help customers to save hundreds of pounds by offering pre owned iPhones in immaculate condition like new. Phonedeal.co.uk is part of a growing trend to save money on next iPhone purchase and already works with various partners in the mobile industry to make iPhones available much cheaper than usual retailers. 
Dario Lopez, Director of Phonedeal.co.uk explains: "My vision is to make latest gadgets available to everyone regardless of the high street price, I'll bring it to consumers cheaper.".
The new company offers iPhones. Phonedeal.co.uk works by being priced at unbelievable prices.
Based in Essex, Phonedeal.co.uk will initially employ staff and has plans to recruit 6 more over the next twelve months. The company also plans to add other brands than Apple such as Samsung, Sony, HTC, Google and others.
The fast paced telecommunication market is estimated at more than £37.5 billion per year in the UK
Prior to launching the company's founder Dario Lopez, Director worked as an eCommerce entrepreneur for nearly 15 years selling on eBay and becoming the biggest seller on eBay in 2011 turning over multimillionaire pounds.
For more information contact: pr@phonedeal.co.uk
About Phonedeal.co.uk
Phonedeal.co.uk is a retailer of low priced iPhones company based in Essex and founded by Dario Lopez, Director in 2017 to help customers save hundreds of pounds by offering preowned iPhones in immaculate condition like new at lower prices.

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