With the iPhone commending its tenth commemoration in 2017 Apple is relied upon to have an extravagant and a noteworthy update which it hasn't for a while according to Apple fans.

Some gossips are overflowing that the iPhone 8 will include an AMOLED edge-to-edge screen, updated camera with augmented reality and a quicker processor.

Apple is set to move the fingerprint scanner within the display removing the iconic physical home button which has been featured in all generations of iPhones until now. It's major competition Samsung moved their scanner to the back of the phone on their recently launched Galaxy S8. 

Different bits of gossip have suggested the iPhone could incorporate wireless charging and facial recognition for enhanced security. The iPhone 8 could be the gadget numerous Apple fans have been sitting tight for yet it could include some major disadvantages.

iPhone 8

Expert from the investment bank Goldman Sachs Simona Jankowski is said to have suggested that the highest point of-the-range 256GB iPhone 8 will cost Apple fans $1,099 which is around £851. 

The current 256GB iPhone 7 Plus costs £699.99 from phonedeal.co.uk

Revealed to CNBC, Ms Jankowski said: “The first $1,000 iPhone can drive meaningful upside,

“The bottom line is that we are raising our FY18/19 EPS estimates further above consensus

“We think the higher demand for the larger (5.8″) form factor will be supported by the fact that the iPhone 8 will have compelling new features not available in the smaller form factors.”

Goldman Sachs additionally noticed that the new iPhone could highlight an OLED screen, augmented reality and 3D sensors.


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