10 Tricks to get you to an amazing start using iPhone 7

1. Turn Off Raise to Wake

We believe the addition of raise to wake, in which your lock screen springs to life the moment you get the iPhone, is one of the best features added to iOS 10 and the new iPhones. Yet, perhaps you lean toward your iPhone just turning on when you want it to. Provided that this is true, it's sufficiently simple to disable the raise-to-wake option. Once more, make a go over to Settings, just this time select Display and Brightness. Just beneath the range where you can change your iPhone's auto-lock time, a slider gives you a chance to swing Raise to Wake on or off.

2. Switch Your Keyboard Into a Trackpad

This isn't an unknown feature for the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, yet it's as yet a quite helpful one for 3D Touch-proficient iPhones. When you're writing a note, email or message and need to move the cursor either to revise a mistake or select a word, you could put your finger where you need the cursor to be. Be that as it may, that alternative needs exactness, and it can be difficult to see precisely where your cursor is, since your finger blocks your view. Rather, simply do a hard push on the on-screen keyboard: the keys will vanish, and you have a MacBook-style trackpad.

You can slide your finger around to move the cursor anyplace on the screen. Once the cursor is drifting over the word you need, hard press again to choose that word; hard-pressing twice chooses the entire sentence.

3. Add Widgets to Your Today Screen

iOS 10 gives the Today screen another home and new view for any iPhone, however you'll need to modify what shows up on that screen once you get your hands on iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. From either your lock screen or home screen, swipe towards the right to see the Today screen. As a matter of course, it will incorporate gadget demonstrating current weather conditions, up and coming schedule occasions, features from the News application, Siri application and Maps route ideas for up and coming meetings.

Be that as it may, you're not stuck with this view. Slide down to the base of the Today screen and tap Edit to tweak what gadgets show up. You can remove the ones that are there of course or include others with a tap. What's more, you're not kept to gadgets from Apple's built-in app: if an outsider application introduced on your iPhone has been updated to have an iOS 10 gadget, it will show up as a choice for you to include to the More Widgets area.


4. Be sure to Avoid Water Damage

Both the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus can withstand a sprinkle of water in courses that past iPhones proved unable to. Apple says the new iPhones have an IP67 rating for water resistance meaning you don't have to drive yourself mad if your iPhone gets dunked in 1 meter (around 3 feet) of water for 30 minutes or so. In our testing, we could spill water on the iPhone and even drop it in a pitcher of water with no serious impacts.

Indeed, even with the iPhone's freshly discovered water resistance, you will need to wipe down your soggy iPhone before using it and be sure to avoid charging it after any unforeseen plunges. Apple has incorporated another great feature with its new iPhones that caution you when any dampness is recognised. That is your alarm to unplug the iPhone and keep it off until the iPhone has had an opportunity to dry out.


5. Enable the Magnifier

Here and there it's convenient to have the option to take a gander at things, this is a direct result of a visual test or essentially to clear something up. iOS 10 adds another alternative to its Accessibility tool compartment by presenting a magnifier. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Magnifier and turn the Magnifier change to On. 

To trigger the magnifier, triple tap the Home catch (you may need to modify the Accessibility Shortcut choice in the Accessibility settings to ensure the Magnifier is chosen). This opens up a camera interface with a zoom slider that gives you a chance to zoom in significantly more nearly than the default camera. You can lock your focus by tapping the padlock button, activate the flash to reveal some insight into the subject, or even snap a freeze frame in the event that you would prefer not to keep the iPhone still. 

6. Clear All Those Annoying Notifications at Once

Ok, Notification Center, our old companion. It's gotten a slight patch up in iOS 10, however the best expansion is solely for clients of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 phones. On past iPhones, you needed to clear notices on a step by step premise, each time tapping the "x" catch at the highest point of the area and after that tapping Clear. 

In any case, on a 3D Touch-empowered iPhone like the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, you simply force push on the "x" and you'll see an alternative to Clear All Notifications. Tap that and all your new warnings with vanish, abandoning you with a decent clean Notification Center.


7. Control Center Shortcuts

Discussing Control Center, 3D Touch opens up various convenient easy routes there. Swipe upward from the base of the screen on your iPhone 7 to raise the board. As before, the buttons at the base let you rapidly get to usual features like an flashlight, timer, calculator, and the camera. In any case, in iOS 10, force pushing on each raises extra alternatives which is great!

For instance, you can force press the flashlight button to bring distinctive forces for the spotlight: bright, medium, and low. Force squeezing the timer lets you rapidly begin a timer for a usual durations, similar to 60 minutes, twenty minutes, five minutes, or one minute. On the calculator, force press to duplicate the last computation result. Furthermore, the camera icon lets you rapidly bounce to the photograph, moderate movement video, typical video, or selfie views in the Camera app.


8. Queue Up the Next Song - You can finally do it!

iOS 10 highlights an upgraded (once more) Music application, and the new form has a ton of components that can be accessed through your iPhone 7's 3D Touch include. One of the handiest among them is reconciliation with the Up Next element. When you're tuning in to a track, yet abruptly know precisely which melody you'd jump at the chance to go ahead next, simply find that track in the Music application and force press on it. You'll get a helpful fly up menu with choices to cancel the download, add it to a playlist, share the song, and love or dislike the track. Simply tap Play Next to have it opened into your Up Next line. You can do everything while never lifting your finger from the screen. (It also works with albums and playlists.)


9. Quickly Switch Apps

We know you can switch between applications by double tapping the Home button and pick what you need from the multitasking interface. Be that as it may, users of 3D Touch-empowered iPhones like the iPhone 7 have a simpler faster alternate route to change to the most recently used applications.

Simply force push on the left edge of the screen; on the off chance that you hold that press for a moment, the multitasking interface will open. In any case, in the event that you rapidly swipe ideal as opposed to holding the press you can simply slide aside the current application and hop instantly to the latest application. (The key is to hold up until you get the taptic input from a 3D Touch, else you may simply go up a level in whatever application you're as of now in.)


10. See Your iCloud Storage at a Glance

Pondering exactly what number of photos, documents and messages you have reserved in iCloud? Simply go over to Settings, tap on your Account ID at the highest point of the screen and select iCloud. You'll see an initially perspective of your iCloud storage use. Tap it to perceive how much room you have left, deal with your capacity evacuating things or purchase extra storage.


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